APL Systems, Inc.
About Us

We are an independent computer consulting firm located in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago. We have over 25 years experience in data processing. We have specialized in the MV Database on numerous platforms since the days of the Microdata hardware.

Currently we are working with the U2 Universe database and integrating with MS windows applications. We can integrate your U2 database with your website or the tools on our website. We offer several products, designed by us, which perform some of these functions.

We use HTML, ASP, Javascript, VBscript, ASP.NET, VB5, VB6 and the VB.NET programming tools. For database functions, we use UV Database, SQL Server and MS Access. Our Website is fully database driven and creates dynamic web pages as requested by visitors.

We can offer assistance with your network and network security issues. We can do numerous data conversions or create export formats for 3rd party products or web access. We can advise you on some offsite backup solutions. We also offer training for your employees.

Our philosophy is that the MV Database product and the MS Windows products each have their strengths and weaknesses. By integrating them together, we can take advantage of each technology's strength which will provide a solid business solution for the customer. There is no need to scrap your green screen MV Database application with a proven tack record just because a new technology arrives on the scene. We recommend incorporating some of the new technologies with your existing application.

We are a business solution oriented company and promote solutions to solve problems not just sell technology.